From Zero To Hero: Secrets To App Store Optimisation For Gaming Success
App Store Optimization

From Zero To Hero: Secrets To App Store Optimisation For Gaming Success



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Posted by: Hareem Mohsin


Did you ever feel excited to play a mobile game that has just been released, and you couldn't resist tapping "Download" and feel like you had discovered a treasure?


We’re pretty sure that you must have!


But what when you find out that your uncovered treasure has poor graphics, confusing controls, and no clear objective? You become frustrated. 


But on the other side, 


Have you ever thought about the science behind it that made it appear on the top even after not-so-good quality graphics? 


It is due to App Store Optimization for games that make it stand out in the sea of competition and attract more downloads from potential players. 


If you need help, we are here to provide insights about what it takes to rank the game at the top of search results.


Crush The Competition With App Store Optimization For Mobile Games


Many people are under the impression that app store optimization for games is vastly different from mobile app optimization. Although there are quite a few differences between these two, they both share the same goal. That is:


"To attract more downloads and to improve visibility."


The key differences between aso for games and aso for apps lie in the elements that need to be optimized. For instance, when it comes to games, different elements such as game icons, screenshots, and preview videos need to be optimized to capture the attention of potential players.


On the other hand,


For optimizing an app, the app's description, ratings, and reviews make a great difference as it provides insight to users on whether it's a right fit. 


However, despite the differences, several ASO strategies work for both game and mobile apps. It includes optimizing the app or game title with relevant keywords, using high-quality visuals, and encouraging positive reviews, all of which contribute to better visibility and maximizing downloads. 


To clarify your understanding between game ASO and app ASO, we have compiled some key differences and similarities between the two.



Score Big With Five Essential Elements Of App Store Optimization For Gaming Apps


In a world where mobile games are a dime a dozen, standing out from the crowd is daunting but always achievable. And this is exactly where app store optimization comes in. When we hear about optimization, keywords are the first thing that hits our minds. But, the fact is quite the opposite. 


It is not just about stuffing listings with the scores of keywords to propel the game app to the top of the charts, but it is much more than that. Altogether, five vital elements are involved in app store optimization for games that will either make or break your game. Let's explore them one by one