Indie Games - Sparked by Innovation, Creativity, & Novelty
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Indie Games - Sparked by Innovation, Creativity, & Novelty



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Posted by: Hareem Mohsin


Right off the bat, indie games have always been able to pull a lot of attention to them as they give the players a new and individual storyline. 


From innovative storylines to creative gameplay, indie games take the playground wholly and entertain users most excitingly.


What Is An Indie Game?


Indie games are short for independent games, which a small group of independent developers develops without funding from some renowned game publishers such as Ubisoft, Sega, Nintendo, and many others.


Who Is An Indie Game Developer?


No venture capital or publisher studios funding - defines an indie developer well. 

Specifically, an indie developer works on game development independently without any venture capital or financial support. Furthermore, indie game developers have an independent idea of storytelling different from the usual gameplay - no wonder they become one of the most played games in no time, such as Minecraft, for reference. 


A report by Statista unveils that the rising popularity of indie games has been observed, which is attributed to certain factors. Most of the credit goes to Unity and Unreal game engines for their accessibility to the game developers. 


What Are the Best Indie Games of All The Time?


With a plethora of indie games, it is hard to name the best indie games of all time. However, here are the seven most popular indie games that every game enthusiast should play. Let’s have a look.


What Are the Best Indie Games of All The Time?


What makes indie games different from AAA games?


The major point of difference between indie games and AAA games is based on the graphics, budgets, and publishers. 


Indie games are mostly made on voxel art, aka pixel art, whereas AAA games have more realistic graphics. Moreover, indie games have low budget costs as a small and independent team works on the game development, unlike AAA games that are funded, financed, and have support from venture capital. 


Pros and Cons of Indie Games 


Undoubtedly, indie games are taking over the usual games for their creativity and other strong features, but they have some downsides. Let’s have a glance at the pros and cons of indie games. 

Pros of indie games 

Cons of indie games 

Creative freedom 

Limited resources 

Get to polish relevant and required skills

Marketing and management problems 

Opportunity to become the trendsetter 

Oversaturation in the indie industry 

Conducive environment 



A Brief Discussion On The Pros Of Indie Games 


Looking at the advantages of indie games, game developers have been able to leverage them for career and game nurturing. Let's have a look at that. 


Creative Freedom 


Many game developers have expressed massive gratitude to indie games for having a vast ground to play and letting their creativity shine. Indie game development does not kill the freedom as schools kill the art because developers have complete control over what they want for their game characters, game storyline, game design, and all other relevant factors. 


Expanding the Skillset 


The indie game development industry has enabled game developers to experience different tasks of the gaming project and get hands-on experience. 


As indie game developers have to work on different tasks (as they have a small team), this gives them the benefit of expanding and polishing the skills that they can utilize for further progression and development. 


Conducive environment 


Who doesn't like remote working? You got the point, right?

Indie game developers are bestowed with the freedom of creativity and to work from anywhere, too. 


They can work from anywhere, anytime, as they are free from the bounds of time. This helps them complete their work without stress and quickly achieve their game development goals.


A Brief Discussion On The Cons Of Indie Games 


Even though indie games have been on the stage of rapid popularity, there are some disadvantages too. However, enough to say that the pros of indie games outweigh the cons, making indie games stand apart from others.


Limited resources 


It is inevitable to face the problem of limited resources for indie game development. As we have mentioned previously, indie games have limited funding, and their primary source of resources is crowdfunding, which is not deemed a good source. 


Due to the limited resources, many indie game developers face problems in the whole process of game development and its management, which affects the revenue generated from the game. 


Marketing & Management Issues 


The primary source of revenue generation from a game is expected after successful marketing, which costs a lot - like aaa lottt! 


Due to the limited resources and funding for indie game developers, many games do not get to market themselves correctly and end up losing the limelight. 

Therefore, it is better to thoroughly work on the marketing indie games strategy so that no effort is wasted. 


Oversaturation of Indie Games 


After Minecraft became a sensation, the indie game industry has been experiencing the oversaturation of the games. 


Daily, 20-40 games are being released every day, which undermines the power of the potential indie games and causes a lag in the quality due to overcrowding, and many games need to be noticed. 


Indie Games Monetization


The core goal of any game is to generate revenue. There are multiple channels through which indie video game monetization can be generated. Let's have a look at a few of them.