An All-Inclusive Guide On How To Make A Mobile Game That Works For All
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An All-Inclusive Guide On How To Make A Mobile Game That Works For All



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Posted by: Hareem Mohsin


Do you remember playing your all-time favorite Pokemon Go and PUBG that almost kept you on the edge of your seat? Whether you're battling it out in a battle royale or catching Pokemon in the real world, we are pretty sure that these games have kept you hooked to your mobile screens for hours on end.  



Keeping the games mentioned above in mind, have you considered why these mobile games have become immensely popular among gamers? Or have you ever wondered what is about these games that have made them so addictive and engaging?

Let's take a closer look!

Talking about Pokemon Go first,

The never-ending stream of new challenges and experiences with unique gameplay mechanics has made it more gripping and intriguing. Not just this, but with the latest updates, the ultimate desire to participate in battles to catch stronger and rarer Pokemon has made the game even more interesting. 


Now when we talk about PUBG mobile, this battle royale game has pitted players against each other to be the last one standing in the game. From the social game perspective,  players form a team and compete against other players from worldwide sparks a sense of camaraderie that keeps them coming back for more. And with regular updates launched after intervals, the game is never going to get old or stale.



Above all,


With the increasing prevalence of smartphones and tablets, gamers are now playing  games wherever and whenever they want, which is another great reason for the inclination of gamers to mobile games.


Game Development 101: The Benefits of Creating a Mobile Game for Your Business

In today's fast-paced world, mobile games have become an indispensable part of our lives, providing a much-needed escape from reality. As the mobile gaming industry is projected to reach $91 billion in revenue by 2023,
game development companies are making the most of this massive opportunity to create engaging mobile games that captivate audiences and generate significantly higher profits.


Creating an immersive mobile game brings various benefits to game development companies. Here are just a few:



Massive Audience


With billions of people worldwide possessing smartphones and tablets, mobile phones have become ubiquitous. It implies that a mobile game has the potential to connect with a variety of users, opening up new marketplaces and boosting the financial success for the game developers. 


Lower Development Cost


Since developing mobile games require less hardware and software investment than console or PC games, creating them is generally less costly. However, developing a mobile game is an economical method to make ideas come to life.


New Income source


Building a mobile game is a lucrative move for companies who are looking to generate a substantial revenue over time. A massive user base and the game's ability to go viral over a short time results in higher downloads and substantial revenue. 


Room for creativity


Mobile game developers utilize their expertise to try new gameplay mechanics, functionalities, features, and technologies to create highly immersive mobile games. Doing this will set the company apart from competitors and make the game stand out.


Streamlined Distribution


With the easier distribution of mobile games on Google Play and Apple App Store, gamers have easy access to download and play the games anytime at their fullest, which in turn enhances game visibility and attracts new gamers. 


The Rise of A Billion-Dollar Industry - Mobile Gaming Is Taking Over


The mobile gaming industry is a vibrant and exciting place, offering players a wide variety of games and experiences at their fingertips. From casual games to complex RPGs, the mobile gaming market has something for everyone.


A big thanks to the advancement in mobile technology that has given rise to the popularity of mobile games. But to your surprise, technology is not the only factor fueling the expansion of the mobile gaming industry. The evolution of social media and shifting user preferences have a big impact on how mobile gaming is shaped.