Mobile Game Testing: A Complete Guide
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Mobile Game Testing: A Complete Guide



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Posted by: Hareem Mohsin


The world of mobile gaming is progressively evolving with new exciting games introduced every single day, making competition more fierce. As millions worldwide spend their leisure time on their favorite mobile game after a day-long routine at work, there is no doubt that their energy and excitement will eventually drain with a buggy game.


Obviously, who likes playing a game where you get frozen right in the middle of your enemies, when your screen goes black, when your weapons are not working fine, or when your game restarts when you are almost there to complete a level. All of this does nothing except give a boost to your adrenaline


Let’s get you sorted!


Do you want to avoid playing mobile games that usually crash more often? Or have you ever wondered how those bugs crawl into your game? From minimal visual glitches to game-breaking bugs, we're sure you have seen everything that has made your playtime worse than ever. 


From testing the gameplay mechanics to analyzing user feedback, we'll delve deep into the world of mobile game testing and explore the ins and outs of creating an engaging game that players will love. 




Get ready to take a deep insight into our mobile game testing blog! 


A Closer Look At What is Mobile Game Testing: Why It Matters More Than You Think


Let's picture you in a scenario:


Suppose you begin playing a brand-new game you have been raving about for months. When you were eager to start playing the game, you already found bugs and glitches that ruined your excitement. 


Believe it or not,

"Nothing is worse than a game riddled with bugs and glitches."

And this is exactly where mobile game testing comes in!

Mobile game testing is an important step in a development that must be completed. It is a process where mobile game testers work on enhancing the game's stability and performance to ensure a seamless and entertaining gaming experience for gamers. Of course, everyone loves playing games that are stable and functional.


Why is mobile game testing important?


As the demand for mobile games increases yearly, so does the significance of mobile game testing. Since mobile games are developed for a diverse range of screen sizes, game developers ensure that the games work perfectly on every device as intended. 


Usually, three major factors greatly impact the users' experience with mobile games. These include:


  • User interface 
  • Performance issues
  • Game controls


If a gamer identifies any of these issues while playing, there is no turning back for them. 

In today's fast-paced world, where everyone wants to be connected to the internet wherever they go, gamers also want to enjoy their games to the fullest, no matter where they are. As it has become a need for gamers, the game's compatibility with multiple networks and connectivity is something that every gamer demands.

So, whether the game is over cellular data, Wi-Fi, or offline mode, game testing is important to meet the gamers' expectations.


Explore the different types of mobile game testing for flawless gameplay


When it comes to testing games, every tiny detail matters. As a mobile game developer, you should know which issues or bugs can be disastrous for your reputation and work on each of them keenly to avoid any inconvenience. 


To ensure a smooth gaming experience across different devices, networks, and regions, we have compiled a list of game tests you must go through before working on your mobile game. 


Functionality Testing: Ensure game mechanics work correctly. Compatibility Testing: Test on multiple devices and platforms. Performance Testing: Test game speed and load times. Security Testing: Test game security and data privacy. Usability Testing: Test user interface and game controls. Localization Testing: Test game language and cultural appropriateness.


Release Your Mobile Game Right the First Time: Why It Is Important


Prior to releasing your game to the public, game developers should test the game thoroughly to avoid game release calamity. Pre-testing your game before release can save you from


  • Negative reviews
  • Refund
  • Lost revenues


Before releasing your game, make sure to perform the following gaming test.